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  • Organization of Presentations by Specialized Faculty Members of Faculties of Law in Leading Universities, According to their Subjects in All Areas of Law
  • Preparation of Books, Leaflets and Guidebooks for Subjects of the Trainings.
  • Organization of Meetings for the Senior Management
  • Organization of Training Seminaries for the Staff

Law changes considerably almost every day because of its dynamic nature.  It could not always be possible to determine such changes and legal threats and opportunities caused by such changes even for highly experienced lawyers and legal advisors. 

DMF LEGAL offers higher-level training services in all areas of the law for companies, institutions and organisations through reputed academicians, who are already members of the favourite law faculties in Turkey. Thus, through the trainings executed by DMF LEGAL, all institutions and organizations, especially companies are informed about convenience of their structures and activities with the regulations, and have possibilities to be informed about opportunities provided by the law for them by the specialized and experienced academicians.  

Main services rendered by DMF LEGAL in the area of training are as follows: to arrange presentations about the predetermined legal topics and about important changes in the legislations; to supply books, guidebooks, and leaflets for these subjects; to provide any required information for relevant areas by means of meetings for senior management and training seminaries for the staff and to provide possibility to evaluate any determined problems at the required level.