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  • Approval and Recognition of a Divorce Decree Granted in a Foreign Country
  • Divorce Suit
  • Establishment of Marital Property Agreements between Spouses and Litigations for Marital Properties
  • Custody, Guardian and Legal Consultancy
  • Application for Determination of Heirship
  • Actions for Equalization Claims in Case of Death
  • Actions for Adoption
  • Disclaimer of Inheritance and Cancellation of Certificate of Inheritance

DMF LEGAL offers services with its ranking professionals consisting of academicians reputed with their academic studies in the area of family and inheritance law and practitioners experienced in the area of family law. The services in this area are as follows: approval and recognition of a divorce decree granted in a foreign country for Turkish citizens; actions for completion, cancellation or be declared null and void of marriage procedures; claims of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages due to break off an engagement; preparation and emendating of contracts for marital property for the benefit of client; actions arising from disputes for divorces and division of property; claims, objections and actions for affiliation, custody and establishment of personal relations with the related child; actions due to any claim for alimony payment, correction of a family residence status, and a child adoption; subjects for custody, trustee and legal consultancy; and care contracts.

In addition, any disputes related with the inheritance law will be resolved by the senior professionals of DMF LEGAL. Main services in this area are receiving a certificate of heritage, validation or revocation of a testament, a disclaimer of heritage and cancelation of a certificate of heritage, preparation of a contract for a disclaimer of heritage, bringing a suit for equalisation claims due to a will.