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  • Establishment, Organisation and Functioning of Credit Institutions
  • Loan Contracts
  • Bank Letter of Guarantee
  • Hiring Procedures
  • Financial Procedures
  • Establishment of Branch or Liaison Offices in Turkey
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Forfaiting

Nowadays the disputes in financial issues have complex structures related with multiple areas of the law. Working with professionals, experienced in this area and having full of knowledge of the functioning of the market, has a great importance for selecting right choices for both financial purposes and various business opportunities. Through its reputed academician consultants and experienced practitioners, DMF LEGAL provides its clients reliable legal services with international standards for such complex disputes.

DMF LEGAL offers legal services for its clients in the area of banking and finance, primarily consultancy services for problems confronted with the subjects related with establishment, organisation and functioning of the credit institutions, especially banks. For these purposes, DMF LEGAL provides any legal services required for agreements for cash and non-cash loans; disputes arisen from wire transfer transactions; auditing all kinds of contracts signed with banks for conformity with Turkish regulations and legislation; procedures for establishment or closing a branch or liaison office in Turkey for any banks registered in Turkey or abroad; receiving any legal permissions taken from official authorities, especially from the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency.