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  • Electoral Disputes
  • Political Representation and Parliament Law Disputes
  • Legal Regime Applied to Political Parties

Since the political parties are accepted as essential elements of the democratic political life according to the 1982 Constitutional Law, it is very important for the citizens to contribute the governing power by means of the political representation relationship.  For this reason, both establishment of the political parties and the legal regimes applied to such parties are very important. Similarly, it is also possible for an individual citizen to prefer to use his/her own political representation power -- not being within a political party -- independently.

At this point, both election law and legal regime for the election law are applied simultaneously. In cooperation with reputed and experienced professionals, DMF LEGAL offers assistance mainly in the following areas: especially conditions for candidacy, competency to elect and be elected; organization and acquiring legal entity status for political parties; status, right and duties of the members of political parties; financing the political parties and elections; disputes about election registers and the main provisions of elections; legal and financial audits for political parties and prohibitions and limitations for them; provisions for the political parties' constitutions and doctrines; auditing power of the Constitutional Court for closing political parties or cutting the treasury grants to the political parties and the juridical power of the European Court of Human Rights on this subject.