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  • All Kinds of Contracts of Purchase and Sale and Rental Contracts
  • Carriage Contracts
  • Transfer of Claims and  Transfer of Liabilities
  • Investment Contracts
  • Construction Contracts
  • Agency and Brokerage Contracts
  • License Agreements

DMF LEGAL provides legal services with international quality for the beneficiaries to conclude all kinds of new contracts and to amend existing contracts by means of its professional staff reputed by their academic performance and experiences in the field. 

For this purpose, the services offered for the domestic and foreign beneficiaries are as follows: contracts of sales, exclusive distributorship, purchase contract, pre-emption, re-purchase; contracts of carriage; contracts of agency and brokerage; main partnership deeds; joint venture contracts; letters of intent; contracts for settlement, assignment of claims and transfer of liability, grant, sponsorship and management, transfer of worksite and shares, factoring-forfeiting and franchising; barter contracts; all kind of contracts with banks; preparation of heritage contracts and wills; licence contracts and contracts for transfer of trademark; construction contracts and construction contracts in return for flats; building lease contracts; contracts between employers and employees; contracts with insurance companies; know-how contracts; investment agreements; copyright agreements; performance risk analysis and evaluation of these analysis; and arrangement of these documents.