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Our Mission

“The main mission of DMF LEGAL is to find solutions against disputes in international quality standarts and to provide the best legal protection for beneficiaries with collaboration of competent academic advisors and experienced practitioners in every field of law.”

To Provide Legal Service in Highest Quality Standarts Compatible With the Requirements of International Business Market 

For more than 10 years, DMF is carrying out its independent audit and certified public accoundant activities over 100 national and (mostly) international companies in Turkey. In this context, DMF LEGAL aims to provide exemplariness legal service in international quality standarts by taking the advantage of wide experience and ultimate knowledge of DMF in business markets.

To Create an Efficient Structure Which Concerns With Different Fields of Law to Find Best Solutions for Legal Problems, Rather Than Working on a Limited Field of Law

DMF LEGAL commits itself to create a leading structure consist of highly experienced practitioners and academicians -particularly the faculty members of Atilim University Faculty of Law- to concern closely in all fields of law, rather than working on a limited part of law.

To Perform a Legal Service For Disputes “From Beginning to The End” of Legal Prosecure 

With its strong academic basis, DMF LEGAL is currently a leading law department in Turkey. Besides, one of the the main goal of DMF LEGAL is managing the every kind of legal process efficiently from begining to the conclusion for protecting the rights of clients, 

To Contribute the Development of Law in Macro-Level, Along With the Law Practice 

Basially DMF LEGAL is an organization which has been established to provide a legal service in international quality standarts for clients against legal disputes. In addition to this, unlike most legal offices in Turkey, this is not its only aim. Thus, with its academic backround, DMF LEGAL undertakes a mission to contribute the development of Turkish Law to the universal standarts by means of academic studies and educational programs.