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Real Property Law and Construction Law

With its staff consisting of reputed academicians and experienced practitioners, DMF LEGAL offers qualified legal assistance in the area of real property law.  For this purpose, the assistances provided in this area are real estate loans and project financing, management contracts for shopping center, purchase and selling or leasing real properties, establishment or release of procedures levying or limiting possession (lien, tenancy, access, pass, residence, resource or over usage vb.) of real estates, conclusion and modification of contracts for real estates by considering the interests of beneficiaries, and settlement of disputes arisen from the property ownership law.

Construction Law is another for which DMF LEGAL Department of Real Estate and Construction Law gives assistance. For this purpose, assistances provided by DMF LEGAL in this area are management of building cooperatives and execution of other procedures for the cooperatives, receiving building permissions and licenses and determination of the zoning status, preparation and modification of contractor agreements, contract for construction in return for flats, execution of legal procedures for constructions built in Turkey by foreigners and counselling activities for acquisition of property in Turkey by foreigners.