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Litigation, Arbitration and Other Methods of Dispute Settlement

DMF LEGAL performs its activities with the professionals who could act as lawyers and legal consultants for any existing or future cases on behalf of the clients at any and all levels of Turkish judicial system. For this purpose, DMF LEGAL performs any and all procedures at the stage of initiating any case on behalf of the clients and defend the clients during any cases against them including collection of evidences; and provides any and all procedures required for an effectively driven procedures including executing any and all correspondences for the cases as well as for the stage of submitting supplementary bills. 


For especially commercial and some public disputes, it is frequently seen that conflicts are settled by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution in place of litigation methods.  DMF LEGAL performs reliably such activities as arbitrations to settle disputes before the litigation stage as well as acting as arbitrator or lawyer for the proceedings which are preferred often by the international disputes and governed by arbitration rules, especially the Turkish International Arbitration Law No. 4686, ICC, UNCITRAL, LCIA and LMAA rules, through our reputed solution partners acting in this area for years.