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Environmental Law and Law of Energy and Natural Recources

Working in cooperation with the most known academicians and practitioners in Turkey, DMF LEGAL offers legal services with international standards for the environmental issues, including disputes arising from renewable and non-renewable energy resources and mining activities in Turkey and abroad. Some of the services offered in the area of Law of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources are initiating, following and finalization of any and all administrative procedures including especially acquiring any permission and licenses related with environmental law, and defending the clients' right before the court against any disputes which may occur for these issues. 
Since the environmental problems exhibit interdisciplinary characteristics, DMF LEGAL has a possibility to execute a result-oriented study in coordination with experts from various disciplines, including mainly engineers, chemists, physicists, environmental scientists and economists.  Thus, it offers a qualified service for the issues related with the environment and natural resources.

DMF LEGAL additionally offers legal assistance to both domestic and foreign investors for their individual or institutional investments to perform environmental risk assessments, to determine economic impacts of the projects, to determine activity strategies and risk managements as well as to decrease environmental liabilities, aiming to minimize the problems encountered in this area and prevent any conflicts at the beginning.